Treat Bad Habits with A Preventative Oral Device

The POD is a patented oral device that Dr. Gatgens can use to prevent tooth damage caused by harmful oral habits like clenching, grinding, and TMJ.

What Is The POD?

The POD is an intraoral mandibular splint custom-made to fit your mouth. The device protects your teeth, crowns, veneers, and restorations from the damage that comes from Bruxism and helps alleviate symptoms related to TMD.

How Does The POD Work?

If Dr. Gatgens recommends a POD for your smile, you’ll wear the guard every night when you sleep. The device separates the dental arches to prevent grinding and clenching at night and help alleviate headaches.

Other benefits of POD include:

  • Custom-made design to guarantee the best results for your smile
  • High-quality, biocompatibility-tested material for a comfortable fit
  • Improved breathing quality while sleeping
  • Allows full range of movement so you can talk, drink water, or yawn
  • Covered by some insurance plans (just ask our team!)

Who Can Benefit from POD?

The POD is great for treating symptoms caused by TMJ to improve your quality of life. If you’ve been suffering from headaches, jaw pain or soreness, Bruxism, or muscle tension, POD can help you get relief.

Dr. Gatgens can determine if the POD is right for your unique needs when you schedule your first visit to our Dickson office.