Learn About Strokes

A stroke happens when blood flow to a part of the brain stops. If it stops for more than a few seconds, the brain doesn’t get any oxygen and cells start to die.

Symptoms of a stroke include paralysis of the face, trouble speaking or understanding and paralysis of the arms or legs.

Every year, nearly 800,000 people experience a new or recurrent stroke. It’s the leading cause of adult disability.

Dr. Gatgens says good dental health can reduce the risk of having a stroke. Brushing your teeth day and night, flossing correctly right up to the gum line can really help make a difference.

Research shows that gum disease can be factor in many diseases, from cancer to diabetes and heart disease.

Gum Disease and Stroke Risk

Besides a healthy diet and regular visits to your doctor, you can prevent a stroke just by practicing good dental habits. Dr. Gatgens says good dental health is the foundation for overall health.

There are many diseases that are affected by healthy teeth from osteoporosis to cancer to heart disease and more. A study done by the Boston University School of Dental Medicine stated that people who are missing teeth due to periodontal disease are an increased risk for having a stroke.

Don’t know if you have gum disease? Examine your gums. If they’re bleeding or puffy, that can be a clue. Mouth sores and bad breath are other clues. Of course, your best bet is to visit Dr. Gatgens at Accent Smile Center in Dickson.

A professional dentist can examine your teeth, do dental x-rays and suggest a dental treatment if needed.

Get Preventative Help

Regular visits to your dentist ensure your dental health is monitored. With great brushing and flossing habits and treating more complex dental problems as soon as they emerge, you’ll prevent decay and plaque.

If you live in the Dickson area in Tennessee, all you have to do is walk into Accent Smile Center for a dental consultation. It’s fairly easy to reduce your risk of having a stroke, all you need is a dental routine.