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Don’t Let TMJ Continue to be a Pain in the Neck.

TMJ symptoms could be causing pain to more than your mouth. The symptoms can range from jaw clicking to migraine headaches, ear pain, jaw locking, and more. Neck pain and back pain are also included in the list of painful TMJ symptoms. Do you have inexplicable neck pain or upper back pain? If you do and you also have TMJ symptoms such as some of the symptoms listed above, they could be related. Help is available from Dr. Ford Gatgens. Dr. Gatgens and his Dickson, TN dental team are well-versed in helping patients find solutions to help them overcome the pain of TMJ, also known as TMD.

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TMJ, Back Pain and Neck Pain: The Connection

Jaw alignment can have an impact on a variety of the body’s systems. And stress is a major factor in TMJ. TMJ pain is often most pronounced when you’re tense and under stress. That tension can radiate to the neck, shoulders, and upper back as well as cause headaches. TMJ treatments can help with stress. Dr. Gatgens and his team can help you alleviate these symptoms through TMJ treatment, such as jaw exercises, Botox TMJ treatment, through modified behavior during stressful times, and other TMJ / TMD treatments that can help you improve jaw alignment. That improvement could translate to better alignment for your neck, back, and shoulders, too.

Reasons to Choose Dr. Gatgens for TMJ Treatment

Dr. Ford Gatgens doesn’t just have a great reputation for treating TMD / TMJ. He also gets great reviews for Dickson, TN cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and general dentistry areas as well. Dr. Gatgens and his team are committed to excellence in dentistry with a gentle approach that considers every patient’s individual needs. Whether you want a TMJ assessment or help with another dental area, please don’t hesitate to call us at (615) 800-3161 for a consultation.

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