Types of Tongue & Lip Ties

If you’ve recently learned that your child has a tongue or lip tie, you may have some questions.

This video explains the various types of tongue and lip ties that your child may experience, how they differ in severity, and how Accent Smile Center can diagnose and treat each one.

What To Expect From Tongue & Lip Tie Treatment

It’s natural to feel nervous when your child needs any kind of medical procedure.

We’ve put together this video to help you understand just what to expect when your child undergoes treatment for a tongue or lip tie.

Post-Procedure Practices for Tongue & Lip Ties

With any type of medical procedure you can expect to have at least some amount of recovery time. Tongue and lip tie correction are no different!

Watch this video to learn some simple exercises you can do with your baby to help them adjust to their fully-functional mouth.

How Tongue Ties, Lip Ties, & Treatment Can Affect Your Child’s Life

Tongue and lip ties can have many negative impacts on a child’s life, from feeding trouble as a baby to difficulty producing certain sounds.

If your child has been diagnosed with a tongue or lip tie, keep watching to learn how it can affect them and how treatment can change their (and your!) life!

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