Why You Should Always Replace Missing Teeth

Missing a tooth or teeth can seriously disrupt your life. You may have trouble chewing or speaking or even experience pain. However, if you have a missing tooth in the back of your mouth, you may wonder if you need to replace it or if you can get by without it. Our team at Accent Smile Center is here to explain why you should always replace missing teeth and your options for a replacement!

The benefits of replacing missing teeth

You only get one smile, so trusting an experienced dentist with your oral care makes sense. At Accent Smile Center, Dr. Gatgens, Dr. Block, and their team will help you make the best decision for your smile. There are several reasons why choosing to save your tooth is the best option in our Dickson dental office!

Prevent shifting teeth

When you’re missing a tooth or teeth, the space left behind allows your other teeth to shift. Shifting can happen in as little as a day, so you’re at risk if you can’t immediately get a replacement tooth. Movement can also cause issues with your bite alignment, which can be costly and lengthy.

Maintain your appearance

It’s only human to be concerned about your physical appearance; missing a tooth does more than leave a space. Missing a tooth, even in the back, can cause your jaw to deteriorate and facial muscles to sink, making your face look much older. 

Avoid developing issues like TMD

The muscles just under and in front of your ears are your temporomandibular joints or TMJ. Changing these muscles by missing a tooth can lead to problems with the joint’s functions, resulting in a condition called TMD that causes pain in the face, neck, and jaw.  

Maintain your bite function

A complete set of upper and lower teeth is key to a functional bite. If you’re missing teeth, your bite can shift out of alignment and cause problems to your oral and overall health. 

Why You Should Always Replace Missing TeethAvoid loss of confidence

The various side effects of missing teeth can harm your self-esteem. Replacing your tooth can help you avoid that altogether!

Options to replace a missing tooth


A bridge is a fixed dental restoration appliance that replaces missing teeth by joining an artificial tooth or set of teeth to the surrounding teeth or other dental implants. Getting a dental bridge applied usually takes a series of visits to our Dickson office over a few weeks. Dental bridges are great options if you’re missing front teeth due to injury or gum disease. 


Here at Accent Smile Center, our crowns are made from zirconium, making them longer-lasting with an ultra-polished look. We want your crown to look and feel natural so that you feel confident showing off your smile. When you have healthy teeth and function properly, your overall quality of life will improve. Crowns can replace missing teeth and hold together teeth that are broken or chipped.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the most common, effective, and long-term option for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is a small device that looks like a screw. We place this in the area of your missing tooth, which fuses to your natural bone once there. This helps preserve the bone you have left while encouraging new bone growth. After the implant fuses to your bone, our in-house lab will create a custom-shaded crown to match your natural tooth color. 

Implant-supported bridge

An implant-supported bridge is a great option if you’re missing multiple teeth. We’ll place an implant on either end of the area of your missing teeth and then secure a bride to those implants as we would your regular teeth. Using implants, you can reduce the length of your bridge, which increases the overall strength of the prosthesis and avoids added pressure to your natural teeth.

Keeping dental care affordable in Dickson

At Accent Smile Center, finances will never keep you from getting the necessary care. We work with many insurance carriers and are in-network with most Tennessee dental providers. Your estimate is subject to final approval by your insurance provider, but our team will go above and beyond to keep your treatment plan affordable. We’ll even file your claims on your behalf to help keep your dental care stress-free.

Why You Should Always Replace Missing TeethKeep your smile healthy with the experts at Accent Smile Center

If you’re missing a tooth or teeth and are ready to explore your options, Dr. Gatgens, Dr. Block, and the team are here to help. At Accent Smile Center, we’ll assess your smile and give you the best restoration options. To learn more about why you should always replace missing teeth, contact our Dickson office to schedule an appointment today!