Adult Orthodontic Treatment

As we get older, we often begin to better understand the important role our oral health plays in our total body health, resulting in a renewed desire to take better care of our teeth and gums. This may include seeking out dental or orthodontic treatment. In fact,  with 1 in every 5 current orthodontic patients over the age of 18, there’s never been a better time to look into achieving the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!  

Here at Accent Smile Center, we believe patients of all ages deserve a healthy smile they can be proud of. Have you spent years being unhappy with the way your smile looks or feels? Maybe you thought you were past the age where you could successfully fix your oral issues? Dr. Gatgens and our talented team are here to help, with innovative treatment options that can correct crooked teeth, incorrect jaw positioning, and much more.

Why more adults than ever before are seeking orthodontic treatment

Many adults received some orthodontic treatment earlier in life that was never completed, or treatment was finished but the patient did not wear their retainers as directed afterwards. Both the aging process and a lack of retainer use can cause previously straightened teeth to shift over the years. Adult patients may wish to complete the process that was begun in their younger years, or want to redo the previous orthodontic treatment completely.

Other adults are interested in improving their smile cosmetically. Undergoing orthodontic treatment with a qualified provider like Dr. Gatgens can create a straighter, more attractive smile that will often increase a patient’s confidence and give them a boost of self-esteem.

Dr. Gatgens looking at scans

Orthodontic options for adult patients

Whatever your reason for seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult, there are more choices available than ever before to give you a complete smile makeover. At Accent Smile Center, we’re proud to offer Six Month Smiles®  and Clear Correct aligners for smile solutions that work with your lifestyle!

Six Month Smiles®

This innovative treatment is a short-term twist on tried and true braces. Traditional braces are the most widely used and effective method for giving patients a straighter smile, and Six Month Smiles® has modified the best aspects of them to give adults a common-sense solution that addresses their cosmetic concerns! 

With an average treatment time of only six months, this system is an excellent option for adults who are always on the go. The Lucid-Lok® brackets are clear, and when paired with tooth-colored wires, give patients braces that are barely visible. Six Month Smiles® provide Patient Tray Kits™ to ensure appointments are fast and comfortable, which is important if you have a busy schedule. 

The low forces and short overall treatment times help to increase your comfort, safety, and hygiene when using Six Month Smiles®. They also tend to be less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers, which is always a win for budget-conscious patients! 

(Are you a good fit for Six Month Smiles®? Call today and find out with a FREE consultation.) 


While traditional braces rely on brackets, wires, and bands to move the teeth, ClearCorrect uses a series of customized clear aligners. These aligners are created using an impression of your teeth and gums. They are produced in a series, with the first one matching the current position of your teeth. Each aligner is worn for around 4-6 weeks before being switched out with the next in the series, keeping up with the movements your teeth are making. By placing gentle pressure on specific teeth, ClearCorrect is able to move teeth into the desired positions comfortable over time. 

This exciting option is popular with adult patients thanks to its freedom and flexibility! Not only are the clear aligners inconspicuous, their removability allows them to fit seamlessly into your busy or professional lifestyle. Unlike braces, there are no food restrictions, so you can still eat all your favorite foods. Dental hygiene is as simple as sticking to the routine you’ve always had – as with eating, you remove the aligners before brushing and flossing. You can even take them out for very short periods of time when you have a special occasion where you want your natural smile to shine through, although it’s essential that you otherwise wear your aligners for 22 hours every day throughout treatment for the best results. 

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Dr. Gatgens with a patient

Get the smile you’ve always wanted with Accent Smile Center

Every treatment option will have its own list of pros and cons, and not every treatment will be suitable for all patients. However, working with an experienced dentist like Dr. Gatgens guarantees you’ll receive the most appropriate treatment for your particular case. 

If you’ve been waiting a lifetime to take the first step towards improving your smile, the last thing you want is a cookie-cutter approach to your treatment. At Accent Smile Center, every treatment plan is customized based on the patient’s specific smile, lifestyle, and goals. Our talented team is committed to giving you the highest-quality experience from your first appointment to your last – and beyond! 

Our Dickson office is conveniently located and close to many homes, offices, and schools in our area. If you’re ready to take the first step towards the smile you’ve always wanted, get in touch today to schedule a FREE consultation! We’re excited to tell you more about the compassionate care and beautiful smiles we provide for adult patients in our community.