Teeth may need to be extracted if they are not restorable for many reasons such as large/deep decay, periodontal bone loss, or trauma. In each situation we can help make the process comfortable, and pain free. Through training and techniques we use the latest technology with a laser to aid in the extraction process. Benefits to the patient include less post-operative discomfort, quicker clotting, and less harm to the tissue and surrounding bone.

Wisdom teeth are usually forming and present from age 15 to 20 years of age although they can continue to erupt until age 25. Some people will have all 4 teeth form while others may only have a couple or none at all. Regardless if all 4 teeth form or a variation from 1 to 4, they need to be extracted if there is not enough space for the teeth to completely erupt. The ideal time for removal of third molars if impacted is between ages 17 and 20. Extractions should be preformed when the roots of the teeth are at least 1/3 formed and ideally before they are 2/3 formed for best results. Teeth that are removed early reduce the post-operative discomfort, and allow for the best healing. If that window of opportunity has passed benefit can still be realized by having the wisdom teeth removed.

Reasons to have the wisdom teeth removed are:

  • 1. prevent possible decay on adjacent teeth
  • 2. prevent periodontal disease
  • 3. prevent possible infection of the gum tissue covering the wisdom teeth
  • 4. prevent root resorption by removing the pressure on adjacent teeth
  • 5. prevent tooth movement/crowding from the pressure exerted from the impacted teeth on the existing teeth

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