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Gentle Root Canals

While many people think a root canal diagnosis is bad news, a root canal doesn’t have to induce anxiety. Root canal therapy can save your tooth from extraction, and most people who visit us have little to no discomfort during their root canal therapy.

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When Do You Need a Root Canal?

A root canal can become a necessity when there is a very deep cavity, cracked tooth, or severe tooth injury. The root canal essentially removes the tooth nerves and blood supply and involves sterilizing the area to ward off continued infections and toothaches.

This dental procedure is generally done in one simple appointment (possibly two, depending on the severity of the infection), and our Dickson & Belle Meade dental teams are well-versed in root canals. We strive to make your visit comfortable and stress-free while we work to save your tooth.

After the canal is sterilized, cleaned, and shaped, it is filled with a material to seal the root. A tooth-colored buildup restoration is placed to give the remaining tooth structure core strength, and sometimes a post is also inserted in order to provide additional support.

Finally, an attractive porcelain crown is customized and fitted over your tooth in order to strengthen that tooth for long-term support and function. Your smile will be seamless, and your tooth will be saved!

Do You Need a Crown After a Root Canal?

Going through the effort to save the tooth and then neglecting to cover it with a crown is counter-productive.

People who opt out of a porcelain crown after a root canal tend to require reconstruction within a short amount of time due to the biting forces on their teeth weakening the filling and resulting in a chipped or cracked tooth.

Also, bacteria will reinfect the tooth and cause decay again if the tooth is not sealed with a final crown restoration. If you’re concerned about the affordability of a dental crown, we can help with dental financing options.

Post & Cores

A post and core is placed down into the root of a tooth after a root canal has been completed in order to have the strength and retention for the permanent crown.

In both cases, the materials used are tooth colored and esthetic so the final restoration will look natural and blend with the existing teeth.

Choose Dr. Ford Gatgens for Your Root Canal

Whether you need a root canal, wisdom tooth extraction, have a toothache and need emergency dental care, oral surgery, or are interested in learning about cosmetic dentistry options to improve your smile, we leverage the latest in modern technology coupled with best practices to bring about gorgeous results for your smile.

We also offer oral conscious sedation and NuCalm (drug-free relaxation) options for those who want extra help relaxing during their root canal.

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