Dental hygiene is important to everyone’s health. That means, brushing your teeth correctly, in an up and down motion, flossing regularly, visiting your local dentist at least twice a year and treating any dental problem as fast as possible. To help and encourage patients to visit their dentists regularly, many of them use oral conscious sedation to help with the general discomfort that can be felt during dental procedures. Dr. Gatgens at Accent Smile Center in Dickson, Tennessee likes to offer this anxiety-free dentistry to his patients. He has received many continuing education hours in sedation training and ACLS training to ensure he serves patients with the correct protocol. Oral conscious sedation provides a safe and comfortable dental experience for all patients, regardless of their unique dental procedure.

What are the advantages of Dr. Gatgens’ oral conscious sedation dentistry?

By using oral conscious dentistry, Accent Smile Center is also able to treat patients with restrictions to specific sedation medication such as Lorazepam or Zaleplon since there are diverse drugs that can be used.

Benefits of Dr. Gatgens’s oral conscious sedation include:

  • Comfort and reduced anxiety
  • There are no needles involved
  • Oral conscious sedation works
  • Amnesic effect
  • Cheaper than intravenous sedation
  • Allows more dentistry to be completed in less time

Try oral conscious sedation dentistry for an anxiety-free visit to your dentist

If you’re typically not comfortable at the dental office, local anesthesia might not be enough to relax you while dentists like Dr. Gatgens at Accent Smile Center in Dickson, TN work on your mouth. Try oral conscious sedation to ease your anxiety. Make sure you have your dental work done where your dentist is educated in safe sedation protocol like Dr. Gatgens.

If you’re in the Dickson, Tennessee area, then of course, just make an appointment with Accent Smile Makeover for all your dental needs. Dr. Gatgens, a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Dentistry has years of experience under his belt. Today, he’s a member of quite a few dental associations including the American Dental Association, DOCS Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry as well as Nashville Dental Society. In other words, when you’re treated at Accent Smile Center, you’re in great hands.

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