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Offering You the Latest Dental Treatments

Keeping your teeth clean is one way to take care of your dental health. And since your teeth affect your overall health, it’s really important you make it a priority. Remember to brush twice daily, floss and visit us for maintenance and more complex dental problems.

Did you know that dental health is linked to a number of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes?

That’s why the dental experts at Accent Smile Center provide a wide variety of dental services at our Dickson, Tennessee location.

Dr. Gatgens looking at dental scans

Affordable General Dentistry

We're experienced in all types of dental services that fall under general dentistry. Visit us at least twice a year for dental cleanings and digital X-rays so we can make sure you're cavity-free.

During those visits, we’ll also check for complications.

Here are a few of our general dentistry services:

Cosmetic Dentistry & Restoration

We all want to have a beautiful smile and sometimes that takes a little bit more work than brushing your teeth twice a day.

We offer various cosmetic dentistry services from porcelain crowns to porcelain veneers and bridges.

Oral Surgery & Other Dental Procedures

When it comes to more complicated procedures, Dickson dentist Dr. Ford Gatgens also have you covered.

We offer a long list of oral surgery services as well as dental procedures: