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Learn About Porcelain Crowns

After teeth have had previous large fillings, excessive wear, or root canals, we need to stabilize and strengthen them so you can chew properly.

Porcelain crowns are fabricated by a laboratory to precisely fit and mimic your natural teeth for esthetics and function. After your first appointment, a temporary crown will be cemented onto the tooth for a short period of time while the permanent crown is made.

At your second appointment, we'll bond the permanent crown into place. Porcelain crowns allow for excellent strength while giving you the most natural look possible to disguise the tooth among the teeth without restorations.

About Crown Build-Ups

You can get a porcelain crown build up when there is inadequate tooth structure for restoration and you need more support to help your tooth to function correctly.

We place a core buildup on your tooth and bond it there. This way, we can place it on your tooth and the crown will keep it there.

We Also Offer Crown Lengthening

If your smile shows a lot of gums or your tooth has deep decay below the gum line, you may want porcelain crown lengthening. Sometimes esthetic crown lengthening can help for the teeth to look proportional and the smile to look more natural.

By showing more tooth and less gum the normal height proportions can be used to give a pleasant natural smile line. If a tooth has deep decay, then the recontouring of gums and sometimes bone may be necessary in order to make the crown or restoration fit accurately.

The restoration must leave adequate room between the margin and underlying bone or an inflammatory response will happen. Dr. Gatgens is experienced in crown lengthening and can help your smile.