Enjoy Drug-Free Relaxation at Your Dental Appointments

If the thought of going to the dentist makes you feel anxious, we offer NuCalm at our dental office in Dickson, TN. Learn more about this cutting edge drug-free solution to the age-old problem of dental anxiety.

Dr. Ford Gatgens at Accent Smile Center is taking on new patients and if NuCalm or other sedation dentistry options are of interest to you, he would be happy to help you review all of your options during a consultation.

Sedation Dentistry Is Popular

It's easier than ever for you to take advantage of your sedation dentistry options.

Dental fear and anxiety, the desire to be able to endure longer dental appointments and do more dentistry at one appointment, and modern dentistry practices have made more options available.

There have traditionally been three options to choose from, with some dental offices offering all three and others only offering one or two options.

Nu Calm in Dickson, TN | Accent Smile Center

Until recently, the most popular options for anxiety and stress relaxation during your dental appointment have been:

  • Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas: Used for decades, laughing gas lasts for a short time and puts most patients into a more relaxed state.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation: Medication is increasingly used to relax patients during dental procedures. While you are conscious you are typically in a deeply relaxed state but this medication can take time to wear off. Most people are groggy for some time after their treatment and typically require a ride home from the dentist.
  • IV Sedation: This puts you under general anesthesia for your dental procedure. A qualified medical professional administers the IV and monitors your vital signs during the time you are unconscious. There are potential risks and drawbacks of IV sedation. Not all dentists offer it and not all patients want to be put completely under for dental work.

NuCalm is a patented option for drug-free relaxation and is rising in popularity, despite being available only from a limited number of dentists so far.

About NuCalm: Relaxation Without Medication

What is NuCalm and how is it different from traditional sedation dentistry aids? NuCalm consists of a multi-faceted drug-free approach to relaxation for dental appointments without the use of medication/narcotics.

The main things to consider are the questions:

1. Would you like to be more relaxed during your appointments?

2. Would you like the time to pass more quickly?

If you answer yes to these questions, then NuCalm is the solution for you.

Components of NuCalm include:

  • A topical cream or chewable tablet that naturally counteracts adrenaline, which is typically responsible for anxiety, is given. This is a narcotic-free natural substance.
  • Stimulation patches: Applied behind your ears, these patches facilitate relaxation through safe microcurrents.
  • Headphones that deliver sounds that puts your body into the state that precedes sleep are provided.
  • An eye mask is worn. It blocks light and other distractions during dental procedures that would otherwise take you away from a relaxed state.
  • NuCalm is a system used in dentistry very successfully and has also been leveraged in other instances, such as for performance enhancement in sports and learning environments, during jetlag, during times of stress, and more.

NuCalm: Available from Accent Smile Center

Dr. Ford Gatgens continually looks for ways to deliver the latest in proven technologies and strategies to make every appointment at Accent Smile Center relaxing and efficient.

Find out more about NuCalm by booking a consultation with us at (615) 800-3161. Whether you need oral surgery or simply have dental anxiety that you’d like to counter without the use of drugs, we would be happy to help you explore this option.

We offer a variety of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services to help you get the best smile possible. We look forward to welcoming you to the Accent Smile Center family.