All About Hybrid and Hybridge Implants

If you have ever experienced tooth loss, then you know just how upsetting it can be! There are a few different options out there when it comes to replacing teeth, but hybrid implants are one of the best. They are long-lasting, effective, and look great too! What’s not to love? 

Let’s spend a little time talking through what hybrid and hybridge implants are, why some patients might benefit from them, and what you should do if you are considering implants! 

Oh No! You Lost a Tooth! Now What?

Losing a tooth as an adult can be quite a shock. Whether you lost it through decay or injury, it can be painful and stressful knowing that no new tooth is growing in to replace it. The truth is that tooth loss is serious and should be taken seriously! The best approach is to go straight to your dentist, where they can analyze what is happening and recommend the next steps. 

One of the common next steps is being referred to Accent Smile Center, where we will evaluate your smile and give you the best cosmetic options. One option we often recommend is dental implants, including hybrid implants!

What Are Hybrid Implants?

Hybrid implants are a form of tooth implant that is surgically attached to your jawbone with a metal screw. Following the implant, a crown, or tooth replacement, is permanently attached to the screw. This sounds a bit intense, but this level of secure fastening is what makes it so effective for many people suffering from tooth loss! 

The reason why hybrid implants are sometimes preferable to other fixes like a traditional crown or bridge is because our jawbones were built to have the roots of our teeth attached. When a tooth is lost through injury or damage, it can impact the remaining teeth as well as the bone itself, potentially causing bone loss. Replacing a lost tooth with a hybrid implant will sustain the bone and support the rest of the teeth in the mouth more securely than other options. 

At Accent Smile Center, we often recommend hybrid implants for patients as a secure, long-lasting dental solution that looks and feels great! Hybrids can sometimes be more affordable than other forms of dental repairs, and the surgical aspect is straightforward and safe. Dr. Gatgens and Dr. Densmore are experts at securing these implants and love seeing the smile transformations that come before and after the implant is installed!

Should You Choose a Hybrid Implant?

Knowing whether a hybrid implant is the right choice for you will come down to a few factors: cost, comfort, and preference. When you sit down with Dr. Gatgens or Dr. Densmore, they will offer their best recommendations and suggestions for how to manage your tooth loss, and it will be completely up to you if you are okay with this surgical option or not. At the end of the day, it’s your smile and your health, and we want to support your goals! Be sure to ask plenty of questions, and choose the implant or cosmetic fix that is best for you.

What Is the Difference Between Hybrid and Hybridge

The biggest difference between the terms ‘hybrid’ and ‘hybridge’ when we are talking about implants, is the number of crowns involved. A single implant where there is only one crown added we would call a hybrid implant. A hybridge is when you are doing more than one tooth replacement in a row, making up a bridge of surgically implanted teeth. Depending on the severity of your tooth loss, either a hybrid or a hybridge might be recommended. Be sure to talk to the doctors about the options when you come in for your appointment!

What About Hybrid Dentures?

Another hybrid option is hybrid dentures. When there is significant tooth loss that ultimately requires all teeth to be removed, you can opt for regular dentures that you secure into your mouth daily. Dentures are a traditional option that has been around for many, many years. A newer version is hybrid dentures that are surgically fixed into your gums and jaw bones to fix them securely and permanently.

Hybrid dentures are preferable to many people for their practical and cosmetic appearance. It’s wonderful not to worry about securing and cleaning your dentures every day. But they do require surgery and a higher expense, so it’s worth discussing the options when you come to our Dickson-based office. 

Let Our Dickson Team Help You!

We hope your big takeaway from reading this is knowing that you have so many great options to choose from when it comes to dental repairs and tooth loss! We are happy to assist you in the evaluation, planning, and implant process, and we know you will love our supportive team, who really cares about your oral health! Give us a call to schedule a consultation appointment soon, and we can’t wait to see you at Accent Smile Center!