Nashville Sedation Dentistry

To ensure you visit us regularly, we offer sedation and relaxation options to alleviate any discomfort you may feel during dental procedures. Dr. Gatgens at Accent Smile Center in Nashville, Tennessee, provides this anxiety-free dental care for you.

Oral Conscious Dental Sedation

Many of us feel anxious about dental visits. At Accent Smile Center, we offer sedation dentistry in a safe, respectful, and compassionate setting to help you feel more at ease.

Dr. Ford Gatgens has completed extensive continuing education in sedation and ACLS training, ensuring he follows the correct protocols for patient care. Oral-conscious sedation provides a safe and comfortable dental experience for all patients, regardless of their specific dental procedure.

Advantages of Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

At Accent Smile Center, oral conscious sedation allows for flexibility in treating patients who may be restricted from using certain sedatives like Lorazepam or Zaleplon, as various medications can be used.

Benefits include:

  • Increased comfort and reduced anxiety
  • No need for needles
  • Proven effectiveness of oral conscious sedation
  • Amnesic effect
  • More cost-effective than intravenous sedation
  • Enables more dental work to be done in less time

Enjoy an Anxiety-Free Visit

If you often feel uneasy at the dental office, local anesthesia may not be enough to help you relax during your appointment with Dr. Gatgens. Consider trying oral conscious sedation to alleviate your anxiety. Ensure your dental care is provided by a dentist educated in safe sedation protocols, like Dr. Gatgens.

If you’re in the Dickson or Belle Meade area of Tennessee, make an appointment at Accent Smile Center for all your dental needs. Dr. Gatgens, a University of Tennessee School of Dentistry graduate, brings years of experience to his practice.

He is a member of numerous dental associations, including the American Dental Association, DOCS Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Nashville Dental Society. At Accent Smile Center, you can trust you’re in excellent hands.

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is delivered directly into your arm or hand. With this method, patients remain conscious and can breathe independently while their breathing and heart rate are monitored. Patients can still respond to Dr. Gatgens’ instructions.

After the procedure, you’ll need someone to drive you home and keep an eye on you for the rest of the day, as some medication effects may last for the remainder of the day.

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Advantages of IV Sedation Dentistry

At Accent Smile Center, your comfort is our priority. The benefits of IV sedation are:

- Experience calmness and relaxation during your dental appointment.
- Complete complex procedures in just one visit.
- Make up for years of missed dental appointments.
- A certified nurse anesthetist administers the IV sedation.
- The depth of sedation is monitored and customized to your needs, allowing you to wake up alert and ready to continue your day.

Is IV Sedation Safe?

While all sedation procedures carry some risks, these can be significantly reduced when performed by an experienced dentist like Dr. Gatgens. Dr. Gatgens possesses the necessary education, certification, and permits to administer IV sedation in his practice. With the correct precautions, sedation dentistry is regarded as safe, even for children.

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Risks of IV Sedation Dentistry

Dental sedation isn't suitable for everyone. Potential complications may arise due to specific medications, obstructive sleep apnea, heart conditions, or weight issues.

During your appointment, Dr. Gatgens and his team will assess if sedation is appropriate for you.