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T-Scan Occlusal Measurement Benefits Patients of Accent Smile Center in Dickson, TN

T-Scan by Tekscan offers automated occlusal analysis and is a high-tech alternative to old-fashioned articulating paper. Dr. Ford Gatgens and his dental team at Accent Smile Center in Dickson, TN have seen significant advantages of implementing the T-Scan in our practice. This investment has paid off for our patients as well as for our dental team by eliminating guesswork.

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About T-Scan by Tekscan

T-Scan measures bite force and timing of the teeth coming together. Articulating paper leaves a lot of room for guesswork and that often results in patients needing to re-visit the dentist because things just don’t feel right with dental work or because dental work is damaged because of the way the teeth fit together. Automated occlusal analysis saves costly repeat visits and saves face, too, because increased patient satisfaction is a by-product of a better bite. T-Scan eliminates the guesswork and results in a better fit and better bite alignment and that better fit means a reduction in damage to dental restoration, it means that patients avoid fracturing their dental work, and it can even reduce instances of teeth grinding and dental pain associated with poor occlusion. In addition to being used for dental work it can also be used to help identify the source of bite problems and pain, and also reasons for recession with sensitivity.

The T-Scan bite test is painless. A digital movie is taken with the T-Scan and a variety of factors recorded and measured. Dr. Ford Gatgens and his team can more easily analyze your bite with the T-Scan analysis than with articulating paper and this results in much less guesswork for whatever dental treatment, diagnosis, or procedure is being done. It’s also going to provide very accurate results for customized occlusal guards (night guards).

Dickson’s Accent Smile Center: Investing in Patients

By investing in great dental technology like the T-Scan by Tekscan, we invest in you. We save time, money, and get more accuracy as well as put the patients at ease. Our methods and technology strive to make the time spent in the dentist’s chair as meaningful and as minimally invasive as possible. Talk to Dr. Ford Gatgens and his Dickson, TN dental team about your needs. With technology, dental education, and compassion plus a commitment to excellence your smile is in good hands at Accent Smile Center. Book an appointment for a check-up, for a consultation, or a bite test with the T-Scan by contacting us at (615) 800-3161.

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