Why You’re More Likely To Get Hired With Healthy Teeth

Everyone loves an attractive smile, but did you know that healthy teeth can also affect your career? Numerous studies have shown that a bright smile can help you with everything from landing a job to negotiating a better salary. It can even motivate your team members and help them improve their performance! A smile that stands out from the crowd can play an important role in your professional success, but a grin that gets you noticed is about more than mere appearances. That’s why we’re taking a look at why you’re more likely to get hired with healthy teeth.

Here at Accent Smile Center, we’re proud to offer a wide range of general and cosmetic dental services to enhance the natural beauty of your smile and improve your overall oral health! We believe every patient has incredible potential, and we want to help you meet any goal you set for yourself. Let’s explore why smiles matter when it comes to being successful, and how a healthy mouth can help kickstart your career!

Start things off on the right foot

Humans are very good at unconsciously mimicking facial expressions. Doing so allows us to better understand the person we’re communicating with so we can respond appropriately. Ever heard the saying, “Smile and the world smiles with you?” There’s a reason it’s so popular! Mimicking is why we tend to smile back when someone smiles at us, and it’s just an extra bonus that this often gives our mood a brief boost, too. 

It also explains why a great smile can signal to employers that you could be a valuable addition to their company. A Yale University study explored this idea further by dividing volunteers into small groups and assigning them specific tasks. One of the team members was secretly instructed to act upbeat and happy. When that person entered the room with a big smile on their face, their good mood was contagious! Each individual’s performance improved and the group was more likely to achieve its goal, as well, so it’s easy to see why a manager would be drawn to you and your confident smile. It can also make you popular with your new coworkers!

Why You're More Likely To Get Hired With Healthy Teeth

Use the Halo Effect to your advantage

In the 1920s, researcher Edward Thorndike described a phenomenon he called “the halo effect.” This explains the tendency we have to attribute many positive qualities to a person if we notice one positive quality. It’s basically a shortcut our brains take that to form an opinion about a person based on our initial perception of them. This isn’t especially fair, but it’s human nature—and it just goes to show you how important those first impressions can be!

One trait that can get the halo effect going is an attractive smile. Research has shown that when someone has a beautiful smile you notice right away, you tend to subconsciously assume that they’re also intelligent, hardworking, and successful. When you’re trying to get your foot in the door or working towards an important promotion, a smile that’s healthy and happy can set off a halo effect that will serve your goals well! 

A genuine smile helps set the tone in any situation

Entering a room with a big, bright smile puts others at ease, makes you appear friendlier, and can give you an extra boost of confidence, too. This is perhaps most apparent when meeting someone for the first time, like at a job interview. However impressive your credentials are, you could hurt your chances of being hired if you come across as stiff and unfriendly. That’s because in most cases, companies aren’t just looking for the most qualified candidates. They’re also looking for someone who will be a good fit for their overall culture, will add to a positive work environment, and can easily build healthy relationships with their coworkers, customers, and clients.

Let your smile inspire you to take a chance

When you lack confidence, it can be hard to get outside your comfort zone and take any risks. Yet that’s often exactly what’s required to achieve true success! When you’re happy with your appearance, you tend to feel better about yourself. Loving your smile can be a big part of that, and the treatments we offer can help you achieve that. Studies have shown that people with healthy, aligned smiles are more likely to be hired for a job than those who frown or have poor oral health. It’s unfortunate that appearance plays such an important role in how we’re perceived and even our hireability, but Accent Smile Center can help you use that to your advantage by giving you a beautiful smile that will leave a lasting impression! 

Why You're More Likely To Get Hired With Healthy Teeth

Get ahead with a great smile from Accent Smile Center

You deserve a healthy smile that looks and feels great, and one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is with regular dental cleanings and check-ups. To make the most of your smile, you may also require more complex dental treatments or more frequent visits. These can include porcelain bridges, fillings, laser dentistry, and crowns, among others. Dr. Ford Gatgens is your premier dentist in Dickson, and offers a wide variety of dental services from general to complex. 

Regular visits with Dr. Gatgens will certainly improve your dental health, but don’t underestimate loving the way your smile looks, too! Smiling has been linked to better moods, greater positivity, and a reduction in stress levels. A beautiful smile can also increase your confidence and may even give you the edge you need to successfully meet any career goals you’ve set for yourself. Would you like to learn more about how Accent Smile Center can give you a smile that will help you get ahead? Get in touch today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gatgens!